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Zen Psychiatry


Zen Psychiatry reveals its updated branding, crafted for a pioneering wellness brand founded by a dedicated psychiatrist starting her first private practice in New Zealand. The refreshed identity aims to connect with the audience and position the practice as a leading provider of evidence-based psychiatric and wellness services.

Driven by the need to stand out in a crowded wellness market and challenge mental health stigma, the rebranding focuses on values of calmness, empathy, security, and pragmatism—core to the practice.

Design & developments

Zen Psychiatry's redesign avoids typical wellness symbols, opting for a logo with stacked zen stones symbolising balance and tranquility. The three progressively shortening lines represent stability and clarity. Modern sans serif fonts, All Round Gothic and Lato, enhance the minimalist aesthetic, while a turquoise and floral white colour palette creates a peaceful, professional vibe. Light, airy imagery underscores the brand’s commitment to a safe and welcoming space for mental well-being.


The website was developed to embody a minimalist aesthetic, utilising the chosen fonts for a clean, modern look. The colour palette establishes a tranquil, professional atmosphere, while the light, airy imagery emphasises the brand’s dedication to creating a safe and welcoming environment for mental well-being.

Mobile optimisation

Recognising the shift towards mobile browsing, we ensured the website performs flawlessly on all devices. This responsiveness not only caters to user convenience but also broadens the reach, attracting more visitors.

Custom Photography

Highlighting the importance of authenticity, Brenna’s photography showcases the team’s expertise and the care they bring to each project, helping to establish Dr. Zenaida Tenea as a dependable local brand. This move to use real images over stock photos significantly strengthens her online identity.

Brand Guidelines

The rebranding has successfully developed a visual identity that reflects the practice's professional and empathetic approach, significantly improving its ability to connect with and impact a broader audience. This strategic update not only differentiates Zen Psychiatry visually but also strengthens its mission of delivering compassionate, evidence-based mental health services.