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VOLT, founded by Vanessa Immink, is a dynamic theatre production company based in Aotearoa, New Zealand. Specialising in independent and commercial producing, programming, strategy, advocacy, and governance, VOLT is dedicated to powering up live performance. With a strong emphasis on building relationships, clear communication, and equity, Vanessa Immink Productions embodies these values in every project.

Design & developments

For VOLT's social media, we leveraged Vanessa’s vibrant new branding, which features shades of pink, purple, and dark violet. The design incorporates a grunge style with brush stroke finishes for the main font and ink splashes for graphics, perfectly capturing the energy and creativity of the brand.

Client Photo & Usage

Using photos provided by Vanessa, we crafted visually compelling social media content that reflects her theatrical expertise and dynamic personality. These images highlight her work and her involvement in the theatre community, adding a personal touch and authenticity to the VOLT brand.

Icons and Graphics

The thunderbolt icon, a central part of the logo, is used creatively as both an icon and a frame. Combined with the brush stroke and ink splash elements, these graphics convey a bold and energetic aesthetic that aligns with VOLT’s mission to energise live performance.

Social Media Graphics

The social media graphics for VOLT are designed to be bold and engaging, utilising the brand’s vibrant colour palette and distinctive style. Each post is crafted to showcase Vanessa's work in theatre production, highlight key projects, and promote upcoming performances. The cohesive use of colors, fonts, and graphics ensures that every post is instantly recognisable as part of the VOLT brand.

Content Calendar

To maintain a consistent and strategic online presence, we developed a monthly social media calendar for VOLT. This calendar includes a mix of content types, such as project highlights, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and industry insights. By scheduling posts in advance, we ensure that VOLT's social media remains active and engaging, effectively communicating Vanessa’s expertise and passion for theatre production.