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Todd Foundation


The Todd Foundation, one of New Zealand’s oldest family foundations, approached us to redesign their website and create illustrations that reflect their unique approach to funding and community support. With a rich history of generosity and a focus on long-term, relationship-based funding, the Todd Foundation needed a website that clearly communicated their values, strategies, and the impact of their work.

Design & developments

We began by creating a design that aligns with the Todd Foundation’s commitment to New Zealand’s unique identity and diverse communities. The design brief emphasised the need for a distinctly Kiwi feel, incorporating elements of Māori design, local flora and fauna, and a focus on positive, strengths-based imagery. The website was crafted to be both visually appealing and user-friendly, ensuring that visitors can easily navigate through the Foundation’s strategies, guiding principles, and funding approaches.


The website design incorporated inspirations from the Todd Foundation, using vector illustrations to depict thriving communities, food systems, housing, and youth opportunities. We ensured that the design was inclusive, featuring diverse people of different body shapes, ethnicities, cultures, and ages. The colour palette and typography were carefully selected to create a warm and inviting atmosphere, reflecting the Foundation’s high-trust and long-term relationship-based approach.

Icons and Graphics

Custom icons and graphics were created to enhance the user experience and visually communicate the Todd Foundation’s mission and values. These elements included nods to New Zealand’s unique flora and fauna, such as the koru and marae, and were designed to be simple yet impactful. The icons helped guide users through the website, making information easily accessible and engaging.


The illustrations were a key component of the website redesign. They needed to be clearly New Zealand-inspired, depicting positive outcomes and thriving communities. We created a series of illustrations showing hands removing rocks at the top of a waterfall to ensure the water can flow better, symbolising the Foundation’s efforts to facilitate positive change. Other illustrations depicted thriving food systems, housing, and youth opportunities, all presented in a way that highlights success and potential rather than focusing on deficits.

The transformation

The transformation of the Todd Foundation’s website was profound. The new design not only captures the essence of the Foundation’s mission and values but also provides a visually engaging and informative platform for visitors. The custom illustrations and graphics bring the Foundation’s work to life, showcasing their impact and commitment to New Zealand’s communities. The revamped website effectively communicates the Todd Foundation’s strategic approach to funding and community support, reinforcing their role as a catalyst for positive change in New Zealand.

We adore our new branding and website and couldn’t have done it without them.

We use Wildhouse’s creative and design services (and have done for a few years now). They are really easy to work with and well priced for the market.

We adore our new branding and website and couldn’t have done it without them. They also helped us turn around a large printed timeline for an event in record time – swiftly adapting to the last minute changes in medium!

Helen Anderson, Todd Foundation