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Studio Plus Sixty Four Co. logo on dark background

Studio Plus Sixty Four Co.
Brand Kit


Calling all trendsetters! Are you ready to take your business to brand new heights with the Studio Plus Sixty Four Co. Brand Kit?

This brand screams sophistication, so get ready for your business to conquer the world and raise the bar to a new standard of excellence.

Dive into the navy and sage green vibes of this brand kit that are as classy as a perfectly tailored suit. It's the kind of colour combo that exudes pure refinement and leaves a lasting impression.

Studio Plus Sixty Four Co. has clean lines and sleek elements, and is sure to command attention. This brand is not here to play small; it's here to make a statement and have your brand stand tall above the competition.

What's included:

  • Primary logo featuring a sleek combination of navy and sage green, embodying sophistication and modernity.

  • Secondary logo for versatile brand applications, maintaining a professional yet contemporary aesthetic.

  • Brandmark incorporating minimalist design elements, adding depth and character to your visual identity.

  • Timeless colour palette inspired by navy and sage green, evoking feelings of elegance and refinement.

  • Detailed branding guidelines to ensure consistent and effective use of your brand assets.

What's not included:

  • Additional changes to the colours, fonts, or icons within the Studio Plus Sixty Four Co brand kit

  • Implementation of brand kit on website, social media or print products

Unleash your brand's wild potential now

Here's how it works: Simply fill out the form, providing us with your brand name and specifying which Wildhouse brand kit you'd like to purchase. Once we receive your request, we'll send you an invoice for payment. Once payment is processed, our team will personalise the branding with your company name and deliver the final files directly to you.

With our streamlined process, you can expect a turnaround time of just one week, so you’ll be able to start showcasing your new brand with confidence in no time!

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Congratulations! 🎉 You're one step closer to unleashing your brand's wild potential with Wildhouse Design Studio. We'll be in touch shortly to kickstart your branding journey!