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Sophisticated Accounting


A progressive accounting firm based in New Zealand. The firm sought a modern and professional website to better reflect their expertise and attract more clients. Their existing site did not adequately convey their expertise or appeal to potential clients, which was impacting their ability to grow their client base. They needed a website that not only showcased their skills and services but also provided a seamless experience for current and prospective clients.

Design & developments

We began by reimagining Sophisticated Accounting’s brand identity to create a modern, professional look that aligns with their forward-thinking approach. The design incorporated a mix of clean lines and quirky graphic elements, a sophisticated colour palette, aesthetic imagery, and intuitive navigation. Our goal was to reflect their expertise and progressive ethos while ensuring the design was both engaging and user-friendly.


The website for Sophisticated Accounting is a comprehensive platform that effectively showcases their range of services. It highlights their full accounting and bookkeeping services, along with business support. We crafted clear, concise content that communicates their value proposition and expertise, making it easy for visitors to understand how Sophisticated Accounting can help them achieve their financial goals.

Mobile optimisation

Recognising the importance of accessibility, we ensured the website was fully optimised for mobile devices. The responsive design adapts to various screen sizes, providing a consistent and enjoyable user experience across all devices. This mobile-friendly approach ensures that clients can access Sophisticated Accounting’s services and information anytime, anywhere.

Social Media Management

To further support their growth, we implemented a strategic social media management plan. This included creating engaging content that aligns with their brand, sharing industry insights, and highlighting client success stories. By maintaining an active and consistent social media presence, we helped Sophisticated Accounting reach a broader audience and strengthen their online reputation.