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Oliver's Army


Before partnering with Wildhouse, Oliver's Army had no online presence, leaving them invisible in the digital landscape. Unsure where to start, they sought a straightforward way to establish themselves online to be more accessible to both existing and potential customers.

Oliver's Army needed a website to showcase their expert services and make their business easily discoverable. We kicked off the project with a dedicated photoshoot to capture authentic moments of the team at work, understanding that genuine imagery builds trust and connection.

We created a website with a clean, user-friendly design that reflects Oliver’s Army’s commitment to quality.

The site features a fresh green and white color palette that ties back to their outdoor business. Custom icons simplify navigation and enhance visual appeal without overwhelming users. The global footer features a grass pattern, reinforcing the gardening theme and adding a creative signature to the site.

The new website has transformed Oliver's Army from invisible to a prominent player online, with a strong digital presence that attracts and engages customers. Through strategic design and custom content, Wildhouse helped Oliver's Army lay down strong digital roots, turning their lack of online presence into a dynamic, accessible website that drives business growth.

Highlighting the importance of authenticity, Brenna’s photography showcases the team’s expertise and the care they bring to each project, helping to establish Oliver's Army as a dependable local brand. This move to use real images over stock photos significantly strengthens their online identity.

Incorporating these photos into the site adds a personal touch, making it more relatable and engaging for visitors. Additionally, we provided Oliver's Army with all the images for use in their social media and other marketing materials, ensuring brand consistency across all platforms.

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