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Lakewood Electrical


Lakewood Electrical, formerly known as Dave Pye Electrical, needed a complete brand overhaul. Dave wanted to start fresh with a new name, branding, and website. With a strong client base and solid referrals, Dave opted for a one-page website to ensure potential clients could easily find him online. He envisioned a brand that featured dark tones with a striking bright blue, reminiscent of lightning cracking open the sky.

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We began by creating a new brand identity for Lakewood Electrical, incorporating Dave's vision of dark tones paired with bright blue elements. This bold colour scheme captured the dramatic and powerful imagery he desired, giving the brand a modern and impactful look.

Next, we designed a sleek, one-page website that provided all the essential information in a concise and visually appealing format. The website was crafted to reflect the new branding, with cohesive design elements and user-friendly navigation. This ensured that anyone searching for Lakewood Electrical would be greeted with a professional and engaging online presence.

In addition to the branding and website, we also set up Dave's new email accounts, designed a custom email signature and designed business cards. This approach ensured that every touchpoint with clients and potential customers reinforced the new Lakewood Electrical brand, providing a consistent and professional image across all platforms.

Brand Guidelines

We also established comprehensive brand guidelines for Lakewood Electrical, outlining the consistent use of colours, fonts, and imagery to maintain a cohesive and professional brand identity. These guidelines are crucial as they ensure that all marketing materials and communications consistently reflect the brand's vision and values, reinforcing its image and making it instantly recognisable to clients and potential customers.