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JHA Consulting


We had the pleasure of designing the branding and website for JHA Consulting. Inspired by the hummingbird, JHA Consulting embodies precision, diligence, and impactful results, even in small numbers.

Our design captures these attributes, reflecting their commitment to excellence and the ability to achieve great feats. The brand and website we created highlight JHA Consulting's dedication to showcasing the best in themselves and those they work with, encouraging a focus on internal strengths and capabilities.

Design & developments

We crafted a brand and website that beautifully reflect their precision and impact, inspired by the remarkable hummingbird. Our design utilises a colour palette drawn from the feathers of the Blue-headed Hummingbird, featuring vibrant and harmonious shades that are integral to JHA Consulting's brand identity.


Through thoughtful design and development, we created a platform that not only showcases their expertise but also aligns with their core values and brand vision.


We integrated the chosen colours seamlessly throughout the website, ensuring a visually engaging and professional look. The website design incorporates the delicate yet powerful essence of the hummingbird, symbolising JHA Consulting's ability to achieve significant results with a meticulous and diligent approach.

Icons & Imagery

JHA's branding was meticulously applied and translated into their website, using clean, modern icons and imagery inspired by the hummingbird. This cohesive visual language extends to all applications, ensuring a consistent and professional brand presence across platforms, reinforcing JHA's identity and values in every interaction.

The brand

The creation of JHA's brand and website was a thoughtful and meticulous process, inspired by the precision and impact of the hummingbird. Every element, from the modern icons to the cohesive colour palette, was carefully chosen to reflect JHA's values and mission. This consistent visual language ensures that JHA's identity is strong and recognisable across all platforms. The result is a professional and engaging brand presence that truly embodies who JHA is and what they stand for.