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Jets Transport


Jets Transport, a flexible and customer-focused freight distribution company, needed a modern, refreshed website to better represent their robust service offerings and exceptional customer relationships. With a fleet of vans and trucks, and extensive warehousing and distribution capabilities, Jets is committed to providing personal, high-quality service across New Zealand.

Design & developments

We began by designing a sleek and modern website for Jets Transport, using their primary colours of red, white, and black to create a bold and professional look. The design focused on clarity and ease of navigation, ensuring that visitors can quickly find information about Jets' services, fleet, and client base. Our goal was to highlight their strengths and the personal service that sets them apart from larger competitors.


The new three-page website provides a comprehensive overview of Jets Transport’s capabilities. It includes detailed information on their fleet, warehousing services, and nationwide distribution network. The layout is clean and user-friendly, with strategically placed call-to-action buttons to encourage inquiries and engagement. The website effectively showcases Jets' commitment to personalised service and long-term client relationships.

Custom icons

To complement the updated website, we created custom icons that reflect Jets Transport’s various services and features. These icons were designed to be visually consistent with the overall website aesthetic, using the same colour palette and clean lines. The icons help to break up text and provide visual cues, making the site more engaging and easier to navigate.

AI image generation

Using Adobe Firefly, we generated high-quality AI images to enhance the visual appeal of the website. These images depict various aspects of Jets Transport’s operations, from their fleet of vehicles to their warehousing facilities. The AI-generated images add a modern and dynamic touch to the website, helping to create a strong visual identity that aligns with Jets’ professional and customer-focused ethos.