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Guthrie Bowron


Guthrie Bowron, a premier home decor shop, offers a wide range of products from paint and carpets to curtains and flooring. To boost their social media presence, we harnessed their established branding, incorporating client and product photos, a script font with a rough brush stroke finish, and a vibrant lime green and dark olive green color palette.

This cohesive branding strategy has allowed us to create effective and consistent social media graphics that showcase their quality products and brands sold such as Dulux, Casamance, and Cabot's, and engage their audience effectively.

Design & developments

We created social media graphics that resonate with their established brand identity. Using a script font with rough edges that mimic paint brush strokes, we crafted visuals that seamlessly align with their home decor focus. The lime green and dark olive green shades add a vibrant yet sophisticated touch, making each post instantly recognisable.

Client Photo & Usage

We integrated client and product photos provided by Guthrie Bowron, ensuring that each image showcases the quality and variety of their offerings. These photos highlight the real-world application of their products, from paints to carpets, making the brand relatable and authentic.

Icons and Graphics

Our use of custom icons and graphics, inspired by Guthrie Bowron's branding, adds a unique visual flair to their social media. The rough-edged script font and green colour palette bring a cohesive look to each graphic, enhancing brand consistency and recognition.

Social Media Graphics

Guthrie Bowron's social media graphics are designed to highlight their diverse product range, including brands like Dulux, Casamance, and Cabot's, and their exclusive sales and announcements such as operating hours during a holiday. The graphics are visually appealing and informative, effectively communicating the value and quality of their home decor products.

Content Calendar

To ensure consistent and strategic posting, we developed a monthly social media calendar for Guthrie Bowron. This calendar includes a mix of product highlights, client showcases, special sales and offers, operating hours, and engaging content, all aligned with their brand identity. This approach helps maintain a steady online presence and keeps their audience engaged and informed.

"The team at Wildhouse are professional, easy to deal with and know what they are talking about."

When it came time to establish our local social media presence, we approached the team at Wildhouse.  

The team's expertise and knowledge in this area have proven invaluable in establishing our social media strategy, target audience, tone and content for Facebook.  

This isn’t my skill set and I’m comfortable knowing it’s in safe hands and seeing the results that come from this important channel.  

The team at Wildhouse are professional, easy to deal with and know what they are talking about.  

Mark Rickard, Owner,
Guthrie Bowron Thorndon