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Buy NZ Made


Buy NZ Made champions local businesses by licensing the right to display its iconic Kiwi trademark, which is recognised nationwide for New Zealand-made, grown, and coded products. The website serves as a comprehensive guide on the correct usage of the trademark, its benefits, and the implications of unauthorised use. The trademark's design, featuring the distinctive shape of the Kiwi, has been preserved throughout its history, symbolising authenticity and quality.

Design & developments

Wildhouse had the pleasure of designing the Buy NZ Made website, incorporating a palette of azure, gray, and hints of white, carefully adjusting their values to create a visually appealing interface. The design includes line art style icons that capture New Zealand's rich cultural and natural heritage—featuring ferns, slippers, mountains, and notable landmarks like the Beehive and Wellington Tower, along with Buy NZ Made's triangle logo. This artistic approach extends to the fonts used on the site, which feature a unique outlined text style.

Custom icons

The custom icons were created for the Buy NZ Made website to enhance visual communication and user experience. These bespoke icons were designed to align with the brand's identity, adding a unique and professional touch to the website. Each icon was carefully crafted to represent different product categories and key features, making navigation intuitive and visually appealing. The custom icons contribute to a cohesive and engaging user interface, reinforcing the brand’s dedication to quality and authenticity in every detail.

Mobile optimisation

The Buy NZ Made website is fully optimised for mobile devices, providing a seamless and engaging experience across all screen sizes. By implementing responsive design techniques, the website’s layout, images, and functionalities adapt perfectly to smartphones and tablets. This optimisation improves accessibility and user satisfaction while enhancing site performance and search engine rankings, ensuring that users can enjoy a consistent and professional experience no matter how they access the site.


For the Buy NZ Made website, Wildhouse crafted dynamic animations for the home page banner to captivate visitors from the start. These animations elegantly transition between various New Zealand-made products, highlighting their quality and authenticity. The smooth and visually appealing effects draw attention and create an engaging experience, effectively conveying Buy NZ Made's commitment to showcasing local craftsmanship.

The Transformation

The new website has transformed Buy NZ Made from a dated and cluttered online presence to a standout platform that attracts and engages customers. They now enjoy increased visibility and a site that truly embodies their brand.

Through strategic design and custom content, Wildhouse revitalised Buy NZ Made’s digital presence. We turned their old, dated site into a sleek, dynamic, and accessible website that drives business growth and highlights the quality and authenticity of New Zealand-made products.

Wildhouse worked closely with our provider, Rocketspark, to ensure a seamless experience.

I'm Dane from Buy NZ Made.

Brenna made building our new site an absolute delight. She was patient and diligent, with exceptional attention to detail, building us a site that had a lot of moving parts.

We are beyond satisfied with the result. Our old site was very outdated, and is now, well, savvy!

I had little knowledge of how to build a website. Big overseas platforms like Wix were unsuitable for our product. Wildhouse worked closely with our provider, Rocketspark, to ensure a seamless experience.

Dane Ambler, Executive Director,
Buy NZ Made