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Do I Need a Website Set Up From Day One of Owning a Business?

Do I Need a Website Set Up From Day One of Owning a Business? feature image

Picture this: You're just getting started in business, and amongst everything else that you're trying to organise and manage, there's a nagging thought at the back of your mind: Do I need a website?  

Starting a website from scratch is not a minor task. From finding a website platform, purchasing a domain, hiring a web designer or brushing up on your DIY skills – this all takes up valuable time that's likely already in short supply.  

It's not always necessary to have a website up and running before getting clients. It totally depends on the type of business you have: 

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If you're offering services or coaching, a LinkedIn profile can be a great starting point while you're establishing your business.  

You can use your profile to show off your skills and experience, while utilising a background image and great headshot to make your page look professional. This is a low-cost and easy way to build your online presence, and once you get some clients and revenue, you can consider building a website for more credibility and visibility. 

Another benefit of using LinkedIn when you're starting out is the ability to have recommendations on your profile, which can act as social proof for your business. These recommendations are a powerful way to showcase the value you've provided to your previous clients and can help to build trust with potential clients. 

Once you've started to gain traction with your business, a one-page website can be an effective way to start. This allows you to present your business in a professional and organised manner, without the need for a large investment. 

A platform like Rocketspark is a great option for building a one-page website, as it's cost-effective, easy to maintain, and allows you to quickly and easily add content to your website. It's also designed to be user-friendly, so even if you have limited technical skills, you can easily create a website that looks great and functions well (if you're heading down the DIY route!). 

If you're selling products, then a website is a must from day one. 

Customers expect to be able to find and buy what they need online, so in this scenario a website is an absolute must right from the beginning. You need to make it easy for potential customers to learn about your business and browse your products anytime, anywhere.  

A website can also help you establish your brand and boost your credibility. A professional, on-brand and user-friendly website will make a great impression on visitors, build their trust, and in turn make them more likely to do business with you.  

With e-commerce platforms like Rocketspark or Shopify, you can automate the whole process involved in selling products online - taking orders, processing payments, and calculating shipping. This frees up your time to focus on other important things, like product development and marketing.  

Overall, the decision of whether you need a website straight away when starting your business is largely tied to what industry you're in, and where your potential clients and customers are going to be searching for you.  

If it's time to get started with a website for your business, contact the award-winning Wildhouse Design Studio for a chat about how we could help you!