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Fave partners with purpose-driven organisations and initiatives to unlock strategic clarity, create insight-led engagement, and generate sustainable change. They approached us to refresh and refine their brand to better represent their mission and communicate their purpose clearly. The goal was to develop a cohesive and modern brand identity that resonates with their values and enhances their impact.

Design & developments

We began by refining Fave’s existing logo and triangle device to ensure they adhered to best practices. This involved making subtle adjustments to the wordmark and design elements to achieve a polished and professional look. We also updated the colour palette, introducing new tones and providing detailed HEX, RGB, and CMYK codes. This refreshed palette, dominated by a vibrant purple, aligns with Fave’s dynamic and purpose-driven ethos.


The redesigned Fave website is a true reflection of their refined brand identity. It features a clean, user-friendly layout that highlights their mission and showcases their work. The site integrates the updated colour palette and refined logo, ensuring a cohesive visual experience. With clear navigation and engaging content, the website effectively communicates Fave’s purpose and facilitates meaningful connections with their audience.

Mobile optimisation

We applied Fave’s refined branding across all touchpoints, ensuring consistency and coherence. This included business cards, stationery, marketing materials, and digital assets. Each element was meticulously designed to reflect the updated brand identity, creating a unified and professional image that reinforces Fave’s commitment to strategic clarity and sustainable change.

Custom illustration and icons

To enhance Fave’s visual storytelling, we developed custom icons and illustrations in a monoline style. These illustrations depict key themes such as community, family (whanau), and New Zealand icons like the Beehive. The line art style adds a modern and sophisticated touch, making the visuals both engaging and easily recognisable.

Brand Guidelines

We created comprehensive brand guidelines to ensure the consistent application of Fave’s refreshed brand identity. These guidelines include detailed instructions for using the refined logo, triangle device, colour palette, typography, and custom illustrations and icons. By following these guidelines, Fave can maintain a cohesive and professional brand presence across all platforms and communications, reinforcing their mission and values.